Bank Reconciliations

Making your normal accounting records agree with the bank statement or banks verision of financial events.

All Other Reports

Depending on the industry different reports are needed to keep track of unique ebbs and flows of the business.

Accounts Payable

Money leaving the company needs to be carefully managed.  From making sure we get all the vendor discounts available to never paying bills to soon.

Below are the services I provide and descriptions of what those services entail. Please Contact Us for more information.

Cost Accounting

​​Cost accounting is unique to Manufacturing.  Simple bookkeeping = money comes in, money goes out.   Cost accounting encompasses simple accounting along with cost of Goods sold, cost of raw materials on hand.  cost of raw materials in route, cost of completed goods,  Shipping both coming in and going out. 

Credit Card Reconciliations

This pertains to making sure Credit card transactions are accounted for in the bookkeeping and are allowed per the companies guidelines.

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

This Audit and Opinion Letter, pertain to care homes and others that receive state monies for caring people.

This audit is a function related to the State Cost Containment System, Insuring that the disbursements were spent inline with AHCCCS program rules.


Creating budgets that allow the company to get to the goals they are striving for.  Well thought-out budgets with the correct amount of tracking can launch the company to the next level.


I create timelines to track various goals and markers that are important to the client.  For instance if the client wishes to purchase new equipment.  I would first create a budget for the new pieces then create a working budget on how and when the company would be able to afford the purchase.

Sales Tax Filing

​I run the sales reports related to sales tax, complete the sales tax return and pay the sales tax.  I have experience with 22 states and Canada.

Accounts Receivable

Collecting, Posting and processing the money coming into the business (via Cash, Check, CC, EFT).  B2B collections.

B2B collections

Making the calls and collecting the money from other businesses, is part of Accounts Receivable.

1099 Management

I am the person that can make sure we have all the information we need before the 1099's are due. 

I also keep track of the Subcontractor's Liability policies to ensure my clients always have current information.

​​Extraordinary Bookkeeping 

​ALTCS Audit
Arizona Long Term Care Systmes

​This Audit & Letter or Opinion pertain to  Care Homes and other places that get paid by the state to take care of people.

This Audit compares the money that came in to the Services/products it was spent on.  The audit makes sure the money was spent in accordance with the rules of the provider.

Job Costing

An Accounting function that allows the decision makers to know how much profit or loss each job yields.

A good financial analysis report contains comprehensive information about the financial health of a company and showcases its best and worst assets in an unbiased manner. 

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