The Areas I service as of 2/22/17

  • Anthem, AZ
  • Peoria, AZ
  • Surprise, AZ
  • Prescott, AZ
  • Wickenburg, AZ
  • North Phoenix, AZ
  • Glendale, AZ
  • Sun City, AZ
  • Sun city West, AZ

My business is Mobile and Flexible.

Leilani & Patrick the rescue dog



​Leilani Griffiths

How do you charge?

Our prices are fair to both parties.  We always offer 1 free health check to assess the work client needs performed and discuss the nuances of clients business.  At that point both parties come to agreement to move forward or not 

How do I know I need a bookkeeper?

If after your busy day is done, you are doing your books yourself; during times you should be resting.  If you feel you current staff it not up to the task or might have missed something.  

Please note:  Because I am an Accountant who owns a bookkeeping firm you get the best of both ends of the industry.

Why should I pick your service over other bookkeepers?

While I will not speak on anyone else's skill set.  I will tell you I hold

  • 4 years worth of college degrees making me an Accountant
  • I have had my hands in other people books for 20 years
  • I am Peach tree Complete Certified since 2010
  • I am a Quick books Pro-Advisor since 2016
  • I am well versed in 12 other accounting programs
  • I am MOBILE so I come to you
  • I am Honest and dedicated to my profession
  • I am just enough un-like other accountants; so I will get along with your current staff
  • One of my specialties is creating reports that make sense to the client

I am Leilani Griffiths, I started Extraordinary Bookkeeping Services, because I saw a need.  

I have 20 years experience in bookkeeping I Hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Accounting (making me an accountant).  I am Peach Tree Certified by the University of Phoenix, Quick Books Online Pro Advisor Certified by Intuit, I am Fresh books certified, Tsheets certified, Hubdoc certified.

The need I saw was small to mid-size business needing Intelligent bookkeeping.  That is what I bring to my clients.  For a business owner Knowing your numbers is so much more than spreadsheets only bankers understand.  Knowing their numbers means giving them usable data on their business's books.    

A construction does not need need to know a P & L as much as they need job costing to make sure each job is profitable.  They assume the P & L will take care of itself as long as each job has X amount of profit.  I also coach them on what X% needs to be to keep the P & L looking good.  

I provide real time numbers, I have other clients that do not need Job costing but do need to know other factors that pertain to their business.  I can extra that out of the data for them with ease. 

As a girl I watched an evil man who called himself a bookkeeper destroy my Dad's dream of being in business for himself.  When his business became successful he hired a man from the bank to help with the books, this man cleaned my father out financial and broke the man's spirit permanently.   I vow to never let that happen to any of my clients.  My job is to protect my clients from their own bad business decisions and to fly a red flag when I see a problem with another part of their business, the owners might not be watching closely.   

And if someone else messed your books up beyond recognition.  NO FEAR.   I and my trust Saint Bernard are to here to rescue you.  Get to the bottom of the issue and set things right giving the client a clear financial picture.

Working with clients to make sense of their numbers.  Giving them the financial intelligence to conduct their business with insight and perspective.

​​Extraordinary Bookkeeping 

Extraordinary Bookkeeping 

Will Get you to a happy Place

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